Genealogical research

The genealogy service offered by Actarchivi allows to discover every genenalogical event of your ancestors
and reconstruct the history of your family that lived in Italy.
More and more people in the world have the desire to know their origins and the history of their ancestors who were born in Italy, discover the traces of your past can help you also to define your own personality. Actarchivi can help you to find your Italian origins and according to some information, including date of birth, marriage or death of a particular ancestor, you can go back to your family of origin. If there are descendants of Italian immigrants abroad in your family tree, it can also request the Italian dual citizenship.

Preliminary Research

Raising information about our ancestors to begin a detailed study...

Vital Records

Research of births, deaths and marriages of your ancestors...

Family tree packages

Genealogical research to rebuild the origins of your family...

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