Genealogy is the discipline that rebuilding the origins of a family and the various degrees of relationship, such activities are performed throught the analysis of different types of sources (records of  birth, marriage, death, notaries, etc...) preserved in the State archives, local archives and parish archives. Once the data are collected, the work takes shape in the development of the family tree that is the graphic representation (schematic shaped or branched tree) of the origin of a family. The genealogy also allows to find the documentation necessary for the allocation of Italian citizenship to foreigners descended from Italian ancestors.

                                                                                Genealogical research in Italy

Actarchivi is specializing in Italian genealogy and family history in all regions of Italy. Our services including: 

Actarchivi simplify the process of obtaining copies of Italian documents from archives and Civil records office.

If you want to rebuild your family history, but don't know where to start or simply you don't have time or you live far away to visit Italian archives, Actarchivi is able to offer a service of genealogical research that can hep you in all these situations. Contact us now for a consultation.

Photo italian family
Photo italian family