Geneaology Research

Actarchivi offers services of genealogy to locate and retrieve the birth, marriage and death records that have been registered in Italy from 1866 to the present and the historical sources that are stored in the  Italian archives (State Archives, parish and diocesan archives). The Italian parishes records can be used to trace your family further back.

Genealogical research in Italy

The Vital  records request from the Ufficio dello Stato civile (Civil records office) in which the event took place:

Euro 150 - one doc­u­ment request


Request from the Italian State archives, parish an diocesan archives - Euro 160, 00

Look up and retrieve of the records available online - Euro 70,00

Hourly Fee — Euro 30.00 per hour for the research and for the organization of the information  which is collected in the different archives.

Translation of documents require a separate cost to be agreed.

Other fees may include, but are not limited to, costs of photocopies, fees charged by civil authorities for records and film orders placed on your behalf, travel and parking fees when necessary.

Documents received sent to you via mail or by International Shipping (Poste Italiane).

In order to assisting you in your research we have need some information about your ancestor:
Full name of ancestors
Other names used
Date of birth and place of birth
Date of death


Vital Records

Birth Records: These records contain the name of the Comune and of the Province; date and place of birth, names of parents with mother's maiden name and father's occupation; full name of the child and marginal notes (additional information as date of the  marriage and date of the death). 

Marriages: Marriage records include name and age of bride and groom; marriage date and place; marital status; place of birth of each; names of parents and maiden name of mother; names of witnesses; occupation and addresses of all concerned and the consent of parents or guardians.Deaths: Records contain name, age, profession and the address of the decesased; date and place of death; date and place of birth; names of parents and addresses if they are still alive; civil status. f married the death record will include the name of the spouse of the deceased.

Complete Certificate of Family Status (Certificato Stato di famiglia): This certificate, iussed by Ufficio Anagrafe, contain information on the names, relationships, birth dates, and birthplaces of all living family members at the time it was put on record. Italian civil record offices ask for this certificate to pay a fee.
This charge is not included in our document fee.

Payment through Paypal.