Do you want to know the origin of your Italian family? Are you curious to know when your ancestor left Italy
to go to another continent? Contact us to find out! We will help you to begin your ancestry research.
Do you want to know the history of your great-grandparents and their parents? Do you want to know where they grew up and where your roots are born in Italy? To know their own history, their family and their origins helps us to better understand who we are. If you are interesting to discover your roots, Actarchivi, through a detailed research, can help you to find your Italian ancestors. Start a genealogical research means digging into the past, reconstructing the family tree of family, find the date of birth, marriage or death of a distant ancestor, and through the documents that are kept in the Italian archives or in local civil office, it is possible to rebuild the Italian origins. Actarchivi can also help the descendants of Italian immigrants abroad to request the necessary documents for Italian dual citizenship. The transmission of Italian citizenship through the mother, is possible only for children born after 1948.
 The professional genealogists of Actarchivi will be happy to help you.

Preliminary Research

Raising information about our ancestors to begin a detailed study...

Vital Records

Research of births, deaths and marriages of your ancestors...

Family tree packages

Genealogical research to rebuild the origins of your family...

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