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Italian Genealogy Research Service

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Italian Genealogy Research Services

Actarchivi is a small group of professional archivists and researchers, located in Italy and available to search civil or church records. After degree we started to work as archivist in Rome and professional genealogists
Genealogical research in Italy
Specializing in Italian genealogy and family history in all regions of Italy, we offer research project and we can help you to locate the resources needed to discover your Italian roots, rebuild your family’s story. Our services allow to discover every genenalogical event of your ancestors and reconstruct the history of your family that lived in Italy. Our areas of expertise include records kept in the Italian State Archives, Church Archives (local parish an Diocese) notary archive; researches on family history and surname; cadastral researches, reconstruction of genealogies of families originating from Italy; search and retrieval of military records.

Preliminary Research

Raising information about our ancestors to begin a detailed study...

Vital Records

Research of births, deaths and marriages of your ancestors...

Family tree packages

Genealogical research to rebuild the origins of your family...