We can help you obtain certificates needed for your Italian  Dual citizenship application.

The fee of service is Euro 200,00 for single certificate. This cost is valid when you know the date and the place of origin of your ancestor. 
When you don't know the date or place of birth is necessary a specific research to find the date of birth and  exact place of origin.
The fee depend on the case complexity.

Our service includes:

Preparing your request letter for the Italian Civil Records Office

Procuring the records in the format required by the Italian Consulate for dual citizenship

The timescales for the release of official certificate vary from municipality to municipality, but in most cases they are ready within 8/10 weeks.
Please note: to receive the certificates for Italian dual citizenship, the  town halls require a copy of the direct descendants’ valid photo ID (passport or driver’s license). 

Poste Italiane International Recorded Delivery or Postage by private courier (UPS, DHL), the costs incurred shall be borne by the client.

                                                                           Genealogical research in Italy

The Italian citizenship is ubject to demonstration by the person concerned, to their direct ancestors who have retained Italian citizenship without interruption (jus sanguinis). It is important that there has not been naturalization and any renounce to Italian citizenship by the ancestors or their descendants. All descendants of Italian immigrants abroad may apply the request to Italian citizenship.

Transmission of citizenship through maternal lineage is possible only for persons born after January 1st 1948. In order to obtain Italian citizenship you must prove the descent from an Italian ancestor, it is required the birth andmarriage certificate of own ancestors: grandparents (paternal or maternal),great-grandparents, etc., but it is crucial that they were born in Italy.

All the acts must be issued and authenticated by the city hall that registered the event. If the birth of the ancestor was before the institution of a civil registration, the documentation should be requested from the parishes or dioceses of competence. Our purpose is to help you identify and retrieve historical records of your ancestors in Italy and to do the procedures to request the documents to the competent offices (State Archives, municipalities, dioceses, parishes).
It is good to know that:
The documents made abroad, with witnessing the descent in a straight line of the person concerned to the citizenship, must be provided with an official Italian translation.
The documents listed above plus the following:
Certificate issued by the competent authorities of the foreign country of emigration, provided with an official translation in Italian, stating that the Italian ancestor not acquired the citizenship of the foreign country of emigration before the birth of the ascendancy interested.
All documentation must be submitted to the authority consular jurisdiction in the territory where the person resides.